This is Sotiris, Stellios’s Dad Today I’m going to be asking my son 20 things that he likes about school.


1.   You get to see your friends

2. I like the lunchtime.

3. Breaks also good.

4. there is some fun school trips.

5. at the beginning in the end you get lots of sweets  and food.

6. sometimes PE can be fun it depends if you like sport  or not.

7. it’s okay the first few years  you mainly just play.

8. it’s easier to arrange things with your friends.

9. it’s fun at Christmas time because the teachers always get you present well at least for me.

10. if the weather is nice  you get to play  out in the  sun during break and lunchtime.

11. In our school we get a barbecue every year.

12. Every year so we have a school play and there usually quite fun except for last year.

13. I like ICT because we get to make PowerPoints and slide shows

14. I also really like music as we get to learn how to play the recorder it may sound quite boring but it’s actually really fun.

15. Another fun thing  in school is that we have after-school clubs I went to athletics.

16. Another good thing is that we have tennis in our school my brother went there and he really enjoyed it.

17. Also I was made a member of the school council each person in the school council gets a class chosen to  take care of it’s usually a younger one.

18. There is a School singing group which we audition for at the beginning of the year, it is really fun because we get to go to loads of places other people don’t get to go.

19. There’s also a . Recorder group which you get to join if you’re good enough, I somehow got in even though I’m not good at all.

20. Another good thing about school is that my parents are good enough to pick me up everyday after school so I don’t have to walk.

So there’s 20 good things about school I didn’t think I could get through 20 but somehow I did…

top 14 social media networks



top 14 social media networks


Just thought id say that I wont be here next weekend, as I’m going to see my granny I will be back on Monday though.

One of my favourite things I did in Ardnabannon was probably the maze or archery the maze was the second biggest maze in the world it used to be the biggest and it held the Guinness world record but the Japanese made a bigger one but then it got hit by tsunami so the one I went to was the biggest again but the Japanese rebuilt theirs so then it is the SECOND biggest in the world. I’m not sure of the name but if you look it up its all curvy and swirly and is made of hedges.So that was one of my favourite things I did in Ardnabannon.

Stellios AQE Results

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Just got my AQE test results earlier today I got 111 out of 128 now I need to pick my secondary school choices.

Stellios AQE Results

Stellios AQE Results

Swiss army knife   This is a Swiss Army Knife my grandparents from Bulgaria sent me, the reason I have it open on that specific tool is because I don’t know what it is for, so if any of YOU know will you please tell me what to use it for.I,ve been thinking  I might show u guys the different tools on my knife and how they work so you people would also know what some of them  are for but seriously if you guys know what this tool is for please tell me,cya.

My Trip To Ardnabannon

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I have just got back from a school trip yesterday. I was away in Ardnabannon for 4 days we did lots of fun stuff like an adventure walk, bouldering , archery , climbing wall  and we even did something called the bin bag challenge, you get  a bin bag and lots of other coloured bags and you make a costume and you do a 30 second catwalk and commentate it was really fun i commentated, ill talk about other stuff later cya